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Pat Worrell

Thomas Walsh

Zachary Pearson

Trevor Nally

Joyce Hills

Pierre Sandaire

John Lyden

  • John is our CEO and Artistic Director. John has over a decade of experience working as a director, cinematographer, and colorist. He is also an experienced FAA certified UAV pilot.

    He and his team pride themselves on delivering outstanding media content, irrespective of what the logistical challenges or budgetary limitations are. His films have been showcased at film festivals throughout North America and Europe and he is an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

    John graduated with High Honors from The College of Saint Rose in 2014.

  • Brianna

  • Brianna Blank is an award winning photographer, videographer, and video editor from Western New York. Since 2010, Brianna has worked with a variety of clients such as Canisius College, Fisher-Price, Mattel, Thomas & Friends, the Associated Press, The Guiness Book of World Records, and more. When she isn’t on a creative adventure, she enjoys good food, soaking up nature, and belting out to Eiffel 65 throwbacks.

  • Robbie Fatt

  • Robbie is an award winning filmmaker and cinematographer based in Sydney, Australia.
    Having filmed in locations such as Chernobyl, Morocco and the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea, he has experience in both narrative and documentary filmmaking. If you’re looking for a cinematographer with the technical and creative skill aspects of filmmaking,
    he can make any project into a creative visual experience.

  • Pat Worrell

  • Pat Worrell is a motion designer, animator, and 3D artist located in Western, NY. He’s worked with a variety of clients such as Fisher-Price, Rich products, NFL, NHL, MLB and more. As an avid sports fan, you can find Pat dunking basketballs on his (7 foot high) basketball hoop and making the best chilli in town.

  • Thomas Walsh

  • Thomas is an editor, 3D animator, and graphic designer who runs Mountain Eagle Media’s Galway office. A native of Galway, Ireland, he has coordinated international productions across Europe.

  • Zachary Pearson

  • Zachary is proud to be a part of two of the diverse areas of expertise at Mountain Eagle Media. Award winning in stage and film, both regionally and professionally for two decades, Zachary brings this background to his role as Production Designer by blending his intimate knowledge of making theater magic with his understanding of film production and coordination. He also contributes his extensive comprehension and experience in drafting and architecture to the drone photography and mapping services as CADD Specialist to provide clients with visualizations and representation materials of their projects as captured from the skies. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and holds a Masters in Lighting Design from the Lighting Research Center.

  • Trevor Nally

  • Trevor is our Marketing Specialist and Website Designer, offering our diverse clients aesthetically pleasing websites and providing novel and creative avenues to build an audience.
    During Trevor’s time in The National College of Ireland, Galway, while attaining an Honours Degree in Commerce, he got his first taste for Web Design and knew this was the path he wanted to pursue. He followed up by completing a Masters in Information Systems Management.
    Trevor specialises in UI Design which is essentially what the customer sees upon visiting a website. The demand for Trevor’s services has increased dramatically over the past few years, as more and more companies are seeing the high value of our internet marketing efforts. It is a very exciting time to be helping our clients throughout the world.

  • Joyce Hills

  • Joyce Hills is a filmmaker, actress and social media manager. As a dynamic and exhaustive content creator, she is so in love with her every experience getting to know people and bringing their stories to life. There has always been something about people and the things they can do that she has to be a part of. She longs to tell tall tales of extraordinary people and events that inspire courage, hope and passion in those who view them, and to collaborate with fellow dreamers to bring great visions, shots in the dark and last ditch scenarios to life.

  • Pierre Sandaire

  • Pierre is a Model and Creative Consultant at Mountain Eagle Media. As a Creative Consultant, Pierre provides experience and knowledge with advertising, marketing, and digital media.

    Pierre found his passion for modeling in 2016 when he was asked to become a Co-Founder of the Jackie Got Us production and clothing company. Pierre understands that no single approach works for any given situation and that opens a whole world of possibilities for any project he is focused on!